Superman has returned

After ignoring my blog for months, I am back to blogging. (again!) FYI, I was busying packing my stuff because I am  moving to Glasgow, United Kingdom to further my studies. I am finally settling down after being extremely busy to settle all my university stuff and accommodation.

I have not been studied for almost one and a half years. (I took a gap year before starting my course) Studying life has been very odd for me so far and I have almost forgotten all of the stuff I have learnt during my A-levels. (THIS IS BAD) So I am trying my best to catch up with the classes, that’s why I have not updated my blog for such a long time. (forgive me)

I am currently studying in University of Glasgow. Glasgow is such a beautiful place, especially the university itself. It looks like Hogwarts in real life! (die hard Harry Potter fans)


University of Glasgow


University of Glasgow


University of Glasgow

Pictures are all taken using my i5s with no edit. (I somehow think that my photography skills got improved after I came here) These pictures are taken at the University avenue. (so so so so so beautiful) Despite the weather being very odd here (weather can change in the blinking of an eye), the people here are being very nice and friendly.

But unfortunately, dental school and hospital is located in the city centre, I don’t have class here in Main Campus except for Lab Session. (saddddddd) Anyway, GDSS (Glasgow Dental Student Society) had organised Field Day on 26th of September. A sports event they said, but more like a wild party event. (HAHAHAHA)


Green House


W/ Charmaine and Vadym


Awesome Flatmate + BFF


Lovely BDS 5 Seniors

I feel blessed to meet such awesome people in Glasgow. Shall catch up with my classes tomorrow. Will update more soon.

xoxo ♥


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